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Monitoring Progress

As a PT I’m always tracking the progress of my clients and often have a battle with them over the number on the scales.   Reason is, so many people use the scales as their only way of monitoring progress... Read More

Peripheral Heart Action – Make your training Count!!

Peripheral Heart Action (PHA) – What is it?     Peripheral Heart Action (PHA) put simply, is working completely opposing muscle groups in a way to reduce lactic acid build up and maximise calorie burn. The majority of people I... Read More

Benefits of Kettlebell Training

So what are the benefits of kettlebell training?? How about: Fat-loss and mental toughness plus speed and explosive strength! Pretty good right! About Kettlebells What is a kettlebell? Glad that you asked ! Imagine a black bowling ball with a... Read More

Why You Need To Train Your Legs

Lots of people shy away from training their legs in the gym for a number of reasons, all of which tend to be poor excuses hiding the fact that they just don’t want to do it. I’ve listed some of... Read More

Ben’s Full Body Workout

Look on any fitness blog and you will find a hundred different opinions on what is the best way to achieve results with your workout. There are some who push split routines, or full focus on single body parts, or... Read More