Personal Training

Personal Training

Achieve significantly better and quicker results

Research suggests individuals using a personal trainer will achieve significantly better and quicker results than people training on their own. So the quick answer is if you’re training to achieve any goal; be it weight loss, fitness, injury rehab or anything else you are more likely to get the result you want with the expertise of a trainer.

Key Benefits of Personal Training

Body Fat Reduction

Reshape and Tone

Strength and Condition

Nutrition Coaching

Event Specific Training

Improved Performance

Our Team


Yoga one-to-ones, Female Specific Personal Trainer

Agnes is very intuitive to individual abilities and combines her experience in Absolute Yoga series and Ashtanga to create fun and interesting workouts. Sessions can be tailored to fit individuals at all levels of fitness including absolute beginners. So if your interested in trying yoga and think a private environment is the best way for you then why not give it a go.


Strength & Conditioning Coach, Muscle Mass Programs

Pete is passionate about fitness and want my clients to enjoy exercise to the degree at which he does. You may think enjoying exercise is something alien to you however when you see the results Pete will help you achieve you will soon change your mind and look forward to those gym sessions.  Every session is planned out in advance with every exercise specific to you and your needs.


Metaboxing, Endurance & Fitness Training, Boxing Coaching

Metaboxing combines Craig’s experience of amateur boxing and his qualifications
in personal training and Metafit (body weight HIT training) to give you sessions that are exciting, intensive, effective and fun. Craig’s enthusiasm is infectious and combined with the effective nature of the sessions hopefully you’ll start seeing the results from your training that have been missing on previous gym plans.


Strength & Conditioning, Coach Weight Loss, Specialist Lifestyle Enhancement

Having undergone a drastic body transformation himself, Connor knows how scary it can be to walk into a gym and get started. One thing Connor always says is that you don’t have to do it alone! Connor will use his experience and knowledge to help you succeed. No matter what your fitness level is, personal training will push you further than you think possible.


Corrective Exercise Expert, Strength & Conditioning Coach

Phil is one of the founding partners of Atom and brings a wealth of experience
from years spent as a personal trainer. He has a broad vision of what fitness training should encompass and a philosophy that results are attainable for all. Phil believes that if you can inspire and motivate a client, and empower them to enjoy training then a lot of the hard work is done.


Individual Diet Programs, Body Composition Checks, Nutrition Coaching

Whether your goal is Fat Loss, Gaining Lean Muscle, Sport Specific, Gaining Strength, or even if you are just wanting to eat Healthier, your diet is going to be the key factor to getting those results. When Laura starts creating a Nutrition Plan for a new client she will take a look at the bigger picture rather than just what you are currently eating as part of your daily diet.

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