Hot Yoga

Hot Yoga

There are a wide variety of classes that cater to every level so the classes are accessible to both beginners and advanced students

Hot Yoga is a stimulating and immersive experience where participants practice a series of movements and postures in a specially heated room.  It strengthens the body, greatly increases flexibility and can create a deep feeling of relaxation and inner peace.

Atom Health and Fitness have purposely built our hot yoga studio specifically for the practice of hot yoga with a focus on incorporating the fundamentals of traditional yoga. Many hot yoga studios are badly thought out and are all too often just rooms which have been fitted with basic heating systems and are really nothing more than a hot box, this can lead to inconsistent temperatures with poor ventilation and air flow as well as bad hygiene.

Our bespoke studio and heating system has been carefully designed to ensure correct humidity, temperature, ventilation and the highest standards of cleanliness. All extremely important factors in delivering the true experience users should receive from a hot yoga class.

Atom’s absolute hot yoga instructor has also spent time in Thailand training with industry experts to ensure the level of tuition is second to non and specific to a heated room. It is important to understand that along with the benefits come potential risk if participants do not receive good advice and guidance. Hot yoga leads to the body having to deal with a heat on heat situation i.e. you are creating core heat and dealing with external heat. As such you may need time to adapt and build your tolerance to heat intensity. As well as being guided by your instructor you will learn to listen to your own body and understand it’s responses. Atom does not believe in pushing individuals beyond their limits and would strongly oppose the suggestion that pushing beyond limits is one of the benefits of hot yoga. It’s about creating an environment where you can experience the relaxation and often elation that can come hand in hand with correct hot yoga practice.

During the course of a class, you will also burn a significant amount of calories making it an effective fat burning activity. In time, regular hot yoga practice can lead to fantastic shape and tone of the body while improving posture and stability.

We look forward to welcoming you to one of our classes and hope you have a chance to see for yourself what a refreshing experience they are.

Hot Yoga Tips

Be conscious of your own body

Hot Yoga allows you to stretch and push your body further than you may otherwise be able to do. This is obviously great and allows for good advances in flexibility and strength. However, it is vital that you listen to your body. If you don’t feel comfortable after a couple of minutes then you should excuse yourself and leave the studio, to give your body a chance to cool down. Also if you feel too uncomfortable in any of the stretches then once again relax out of the stretch and allow your body a chance to recover.

Hydrate yourself

Hydration before, during and after your class is essential. This will allow your body to sweat and cool itself. In addition to drinking lots of water before and after the class, bring water to the class. Listen to your body and drink whenever you feel you need to during the class. If you forget your water you can buy some at reception.


When you sweat you also lose lots of electrolytes and it’s important to replenish your body with them. So make sure to also drink juices, or appropriate sports drinks. Fruits such as bananas are also very valuable.

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