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Personal training is more than endless sit-ups and someone shouting in your ear for you to keep going to the point of absolute exhaustion. It should be personal to every individual. Everyone is different and this is never truer than in fitness, just because a certain ‘diet’ or training plan works for one person does not mean it will work for the next.
Time needs to be taken to see what you as a client wants to achieve, when you want to achieve this by, why you want to reach these goals, what you enjoy, what you dislike, do you have any injuries or limitations, what’s your lifestyle and occupation, only when all of these have been considered can you even begin to put an effective plan together.
Becoming fitter and healthier is more than the time spent in the gym, it’s about your entire lifestyle. You can never out train a bad diet, so whatever your training regime might be, if you don’t pair this with a good ‘diet’ you won’t reach your end goal. This often means re-educating clients in a way that will help change the way you look at food. This might mean small changes such as alternative food choices or even meal timings or it might be that you actually need to eat more food to lose weight!!
Every client is given my 100%, I am passionate about fitness and want my clients to enjoy exercise to the degree at which I do. You may think enjoying exercise is something alien to you however when you see the results I will help you achieve you will soon change your mind and look forward to those gym sessions. Here at Atom Health and Fitness we have the luxury of the functional training studio, what this means is I have endless options to guarantee every single time you train with me the sessions will be different. I will never ask you to do something I wouldn’t do myself nor would I get you to do anything that isn’t going to help you progress. Every session is planned out in advance with every exercise specific to you and your needs.

A Bit About Me:

Name: Pete Sweeney
Age: 23
Favourite Exercise: Squat
Favourite Muscle Group To Train: Legs
Pet Hate In The Gym: Bad Form
Bio: I started studying exercise and fitness in 2008 before becoming a firefighter. During my 4 years working as a firefighter I continued with my qualifications in fitness & exercise ensuring I was as up to date as possible with the latest research and techniques. I then began working here at Atom Health & Fitness as a Personal Trainer, since then I have had endless success with a wide range aged from 16-69, from students, international business women to doctors.
My Fitness Journey: I began using a gym at the age of 16 after years of knee injuries, as I needed to keep my muscles strong due to ligament damage. I had always played sport however due to these injuries this was no longer a realistic hobby, this is where I became hooked on the gym. Since then I have never looked back, becoming fortunate enough to make a career out of a hobby.

Client Testimonials:

Shonette: Shonette - Before and After
Fitness has never been for me! I joined Atom Fitness just before Christmas 2014 (a January cliché!). Ten months later I’m slimmer, fitter and motivated to exercise! How did that happen? Personal training! I started with an hour a week, then two and now it’s a priority in my diary! I’ve started to be self motivated however without Pete I would never still be walking through the door weekly. He makes me push myself, sets goals for my fitness and I even sometimes enjoy working out. I look forward to my sessions but most of all I love what the sessions are doing to my body shape and fitness levels. I can feel the difference… I’m thinking of getting a tattoo ‘Body by Pete’!

I have the absolute privilege to be trained by Pete Sweeney. In little over a month and half, Pete has supported, guided and helped me to begin to transform my body through his extensive knowledge of anatomy, nutrition, and developing a varied programme of training. Pete has a natural enthusiasm and energy alongside friendly caring nature which puts you at ease the moment you first meet him. I have shied away from the whole gym culture for years – forget your preconceptions of military style Personal trainers. He as an infectious nature which makes you want to do well, spurs you on, supports you and challenges you to do the best you possibly can – you will never feel foolish whilst working alongside him.

I have very quickly gone from endless evenings flopped on the settee to looking forward to the next session and thoroughly enjoying (in a strange way) training alongside Pete. This is all testament to his utter support and encouragement and drive to ensure I do the best and am pushed to challenge myself beyond what I ever imagined possible. As a result, I have gone down a chest size, waist size and lost just shy of a stone in 8 weeks – I just wish I had made the leap years ago!

“How do I put this…I loathe exercise and the gym, but somehow Pete manages to inject this little bit of enthusiasm into me that makes me (dare I admit it) enjoy going to the gym. He listens to his clients and adapts the workouts precisely to what they need to achieve their goals. He is flexible with his approach and makes sure each session is different so it doesn’t become boring!
He is patient but also firm in order to keep me in check so that I actually achieve something in my sessions instead of just talking…I walk into the gym feeling tired and de-motivated…no idea how he does it but I always leave feeling feeling of energy, rejuvenated and positive. Pete is a legend and I would without a shadow of a doubt recommend him to anyone”.
Madeleine Costigan, Atom gym fan 🙂

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