Hello, My name is Laura and I’m the Nutrition Coach & a Fitness Instructor here at Atom. Whether your goal is Fat Loss, Gaining Lean Muscle, Sport Specific, Gaining Strength, or even if you are just wanting to eat Healthier, your diet is going to be the key factor to getting those results. You’ll most likely be aware of many popular diets on the market today such as the ‘Low Carb Diet’ ‘Atkins’ ‘Slimming World’ ‘Juice Plus’ ect Below you will see a link to an article I wrote ‘You are not a robot’

Hormone Manipulations & Your Progress
Hormone manipulation?? What’s that got to do with changing your body composition?? EVERYTHING!
As you ‘diet’ hormonal changes occur within the body, without going into too much detail this is NOT GOOD over long periods of time eg. weeks/months depending on your current stage of progression! As you will know typically when you first start a diet your progress is quick and then begins to slow down, this is due to fluctuating hormone levels.
Certain hormones play a role in fat mobilisation from fat cells (think burning fat) so keeping these hormones at an optimal level is crucial to keep progressing. For this to happen we need to manipulate hormones through food choices which in turn demand a hormonal response.
You’ll most likely know of someone or being in the position yourself where someone has lost weight and then after so long gained all the weight back or even worse more than when they started the diet, this is partly because of hormone levels changing & metabolic slowdown and if this continues then it’s going to have negative effects and also counteract what you are trying to achieve along side leaving someone grumpy, lacking motivation, tired and sluggish.

Creating a Bespoke Nutrition Plan
When I start creating a Nutrition Plan for a new client I will take a look at the bigger picture rather than just what you are currently eating as part of your daily diet. I will ask questions about the following:
Overview of your current diet
Allergies & Intolerances
Foods YOU actually enjoy eating and those which you don’t
If you are currently training and how you are training eg Cardio, Weights ect
Along with various other questions from here I will then start to plan a bespoke plan for you. The key factor to take into consideration is to make sure the plan is maintainable, this means you are going to enjoy following the plan as best you can while changing your body composition. The plan needs to work around you whether this is a busy lifestyle and you need foods to eat on the go or taking into consideration that you eat out on a weekend and want to have a more relaxed approach but still allowing yourself to work towards your goals or for someone with allergies/intolerances.

Check In’s & Progress
As part of the Nutrition Plan package I offer I ask you to ‘Check In’ with me, this is either at my Nutrition Clinic here at Atom or Online. Check Ins are so I can monitor your progress and how your body is responding to the Nutrition Plan. I monitor progress in the following ways as only monitoring progress with one method is simply not going to portray a true picture of how progress is actually going.
Body Fat
Progress Pictures (for your own records)