Metaboxing combines Craig’s experience of amateur boxing and his qualifications
in personal training and Metafit to give you sessions that are exciting,
intensive, effective and fun.

I guess most of you probably know what’s involved in boxing, for those who don’t
know what Metafit is, a simple explanation is high intensity, body weight HIT
training choreographed to cool music.
HIT training comes in the form short sharp bursts of activity combined with
periods of rest which is a super effective way of improving fitness and
encouraging fat loss and generally stimulating the body to make changes.

A session of metaboxing provides all the benefits of HIT in a really interesting
way, including releasing the days tensions by putting on a pair of gloves and
hitting something, which on a serious note can be very therapeutic!

You’ll also benefit from improved motor skills, co ordination and of course the
big one for a lot of people so i’ll say it again, significant fat burning!!

Craig’s enthusiasm is infectious and combined with the effective nature of the
sessions hopefully you’ll start seeing the results from your training that have
been missing on previous gym plans.