Coffee and Smoothie Bar

Green Juice - Smoothie Bar Wynyard - Teesside

Every detail at Atom has been meticulously thought out to ensure all services are market leading, the mission of the coffee bar is to provide a comfortable friendly surrounding in which members can enjoy the best coffee in the area as well as nutritious and performance enhancing smoothies and juices.

Our head barrister Ben has left no stone unturned in researching and evaluating the best raw ingredients on the market to provide a café latte or Americano which in our opinion far exceeds the quality of the competition. The choice does not stop at fantastic artisan roasted coffee and the menu will include classic teas and a number of herbal teas with a variety of benefits.

Nutrition is the foundation for a healthy body and mind and as such we have developed a number of great tasting smoothies and juices that will enhance any training regime or diet plan. Protein is a key ingredient for fuelling metabolic activity in order to burn fat and create a lean toned shape and as such is a staple in many of the smoothies. It’s important not to under estimate the role healthy supplementation of key nutrients and super foods can play in aiding fat loss and as such were keen to introduce the benefits to as many people as possible. Recipes include whole fruits and complex combinations of micro nutrients, healthy carbohydrates and fats to provide tailored nutrition whatever your goal. Convenience and time are key in the lives of many so consider the benefits of combining one of our Xpress Xtraining classes with a pre ordered super smoothie to go before during or after work.

Recipes include double berry delight ice cream and vanilla almond cream, our personal favourite but more for those who are looking to gain some lean muscle is a peanut butter chocolate malt.

Also available will be house special super green smoothies and power fruit juices, we’ll sneakily conceal a number of less attractive ingredients such as kale, spinach and lettuce in fantastic tasting green juices some of which will include your entire five a day to help with healthy skin and hair etc as well as numerous other bodily functions. Chai seed and pomegranate is the house favourite juice and its anti-oxidant benefits are only superseded by the fantastic taste.

We look forward to welcoming you to Atom coffee and juice and developing new ideas to meet our member’s needs.