Cross Training Billingham

What is Atom Phase Xtraining ?

Atom Health and Fitness aims to provide our members with the most efficient functional training techniques available across all disciplines. Let’s face it many people do not like exercise but do like the results they would get if they did it regularly.

Part of the problem here is making training a fun and interesting activity to take part in. As such along with out standard classes; Pilates, Yoga, Spinning etc. we have designed a series of classes which are based around functional training methods to yield maximum results regardless of your gender, age or fitness level. The classes are quick, fun and generally fairly high intensity. If you’re a super fit young person wanting to challenge your abilities we have a class that will work for you. Equally if you’re an unconditioned individual with no training experience we have an option that will get you to your goals fast whatever they may be. Here are a few examples of Atom Xtraining “Atom F lower body blast” “open competitive circuits” “Atom F arms and abs” “Atom phase 1,2,3”. Some of the classes are designed with a competitive element and monthly prizes and recognition will come with these classes. The phased classes 1,2 and 3 also require participants to be trained and signed off in terms of ability to be allowed to participate. These classes are highly intensive requiring a level of skill and are extremely demanding. The reward is continued progression and significant results. You become part of something which is evolving and massively rewarding in terms of the motivation and skills you will acquire.

(Philip Lamb) “One of the major barriers to the results everybody desires is motivation, over the years I have given this motivation to individuals and small groups in my professional capacity as a personal trainer, in my role as Director of Training with Atom I have developed our unique system of classes to make this motivation and progression available to every single member of our facility.”

Atom F specific

With our ladies in mind we have developed a number of classes which are body part specific. There is a saying in the exercise world that you can’t “spot reduce” and another saying regularly used by gym goers which is “I just want to tone up”. The fact is you can’t spot reduce and no you can’t just tone up. You could spend hours in a class exercising your legs, bums and tums to find that any benefit in fat loss happens everywhere on your body apart from those areas, equally you can’t tone the fat which is nearer the surface of your skin than lean muscle so it’s impossible to tone up without losing fat first. So what can you do and what is the most efficient way of exercising to create a “toned” look. The answer is exercise your full body in short intensive bursts activating as many of the body’s larger muscles as possible. Combine this with specific work in problem areas i.e backs of arms and thighs and you will enable your body to burn fat reserves that will slowly lead to less stored body fat, if you then have a well activated stimulated muscle nearer the skin surface you will be a lot nearer to achieving that toned healthy appearance. All of our Atom F specific classes are designed with this in mind, we do this by a means of fun, intense functional movements with core stability and fat burning at the heart.

Atom phase 1,2,3

Atom phase classes include some of the more technically and physically demanding functional movements. A mixture of power, endurance, speed and multi joint compound lifts ensures participants are tested in all areas. Phase 1 is less demanding and requiring less technical ability then the 2nd and 3rd phase. Members will need to complete a basic assessment before moving up a level into the more advanced classes. The simple reason for this is to firstly make sure they can safely complete all of the exercises required and secondly to assess they are physically fit enough to complete the class. The benefit here to all participating is progression, progression is fundamental to any successful training programme and the phase classes provide this. Here’s an example if you run 5 miles per day in 40 minutes then you’re going to be reasonably fit when it comes to running 5 miles in 40 minutes. However you’re not going to be changing your body and it’s desire to adapt get fitter and potentially even burn fat will be at a minimum. Switch things up a level and run the same distance in 37 minutes including 40 push ups at the beginning and 40 at the end and you have created a whole new set of stimuli for the body to adapt, i.e. get stronger, fitter and burn a little more fat. Switch it up another level a couple of weeks later 36 minutes and 45 push-ups and again you’ve got new stimuli and a new reason to adapt. Basic stuff but when structured and used correctly incredibly effective, and this is the principle of phased classes. We don’t just want you to turn up we want you to turn up and continually improve, the competitive element to some of the classes will also give an edge in terms of motivation.