Hot Yoga

Atom Health and Fitness are proud to have opened one of the first Hot Yoga Studios in the Teesside and Durham area. Hot Yoga is a stimulating and immersive experience where participants practice a series of movements and postures in a specially heated room. Like many exercise activities that gain rapid popularity hot yoga has been adopted and championed by celebrities, public figures and athletes for very good reason. It strengthens the body, greatly increases flexibility and can create a deep feeling of relaxation and inner peace. Other links have also been made to the positive effects of increased blood flow and potential for detoxification. Hot yoga’s popularity is such that it is difficult to walk around any metropolitan city without stumbling across numerous studios offering hot yoga. Potentially however there is a down side to the practice of hot yoga if the basic elements of safety, hygiene and correct instruction are not delivered. So let’s back up a little and talk about yoga, fundamentally it’s a body and mind activity which has it’s roots in meditative practice from...

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Personal Training

Why use a personal trainer : Research suggests individuals using a personal trainer will achieve significantly better and quicker results than people training on their own. So the quick answer is if you’re training to achieve any goal; be it weight loss, fitness, injury rehab or anything else you are more likely to get the result you want with the expertise of a trainer. Like any service there is obviously a cost to having a personal trainer but lets be honest time is very precious and by using the expertise of one of our trainers we can realize your goals and save you the time and frustration that comes hand in hand with ineffective training and nutrition. Why choose Atom PT academy : Atom health and fitness Personal training academy is a natural progression from the established and respected company, Effective Personal Training. Atom Director Philip Lamb has successfully trained athletes and members of the public for a number of years. Phil is now working with his staff to continue offering the best client specific program’s on the market....

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The Gym

The hub of Atom Health and Fitness is the main gym floor located in the center of the 6000 square foot facility, the space is modern, functional and incorporates a high-spec air conditioning system meaning the room will always be at the correct temperature for exercise. It has been specifically designed to provide our members with the state of the art equipment that will make the experience of training as easy and pleasurable as possible. No expense was spared on the quality of fit out with Lifefitness Signature being installed in our selectorized resistance suite. Known for its pleasing aesthetics and smooth movement it makes achieving correct muscle activation easier than lower end alternatives. The cardiovascular suite is complemented with Life Fitness Elevation machines with integrated screens comprising multimedia and iPod compatibility. Cardio equipment includes treadmills, cross trainers, stationary cycles, spin cycles and summit trainers to offer users a variety of options depending on preference and objective. In terms of function they are capable of faster speeds, higher elevations and advanced features, great for those of you who have...

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We offer a wide range of prices depending on your needs, see below! Prices Yoga, gym and class membership £69 no contract Yoga, gym and class membership £58 12 month contract Yoga only membership £49 12 month contract Gym and class membership £41 no contract Gym and class membership £31 12 month contract GYM ONLY MEMBERSHIP £28 NO CONTRACT All memberships are subject to a £25 administration fee To join now click this link! Alternatively to discuss our membership options please get in touch through the contact form below, or call 01740...

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