Get those killer abs you’ve always wanted

Introduction to Abs

The abdominals are a diverse mix of muscles that make up your mid section. These include: transverse abdominals (deep core stabilizers), rectus abdominal and the internal and external Oblique. Firstly in order to bring these muscles to the forefront you need to target all of these muscles individually and as a compound group to be conditioned through strength training. Abdominals prefer high load to repetition training therefore the more resistance you can introduce the more likely you are to stimulate the fast twitch fibres in such a way to make a difference in appearance. For this reason include high weight training for more effective abdominal results. In order to achieve any form of 4 or 6 pack visually an absence of body fat needs to be achieved. Therefore you need a good mix of anaerobic workout and good diet to reach desired results. The main idea is to burn more calories then you consume on a daily basis, week in week out.

“A new study in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research shows that greatest activation of the core musculature comes from integration exercises that use the glutes and deltoid muscle rather than isolation lifts that use just the abs.”

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For this reason we suggest performing many compound movements in succession that introduces other muscles as well as the core area for effective abdominal exercise. This includes doing more combination exercises that recruit surrounding muscles to the abs that serves to help them perform better for more efficiency.

Ab six pack routine -

5km Anaerobic Cardio Routine – Fastest Time (Approx. 30min) x 3 Weekly

Aim to burn off excess body fat!

1. Bike – 2km distance, Interval Train, 1:00 Active rest 50-60% HR and 30sec burst at 70-85% HR
2. Treadmill – 1km distance, Interval Train, 1:00 Active rest 50-60% HR and 30sec burst at 70-85% HR
3. Rower – 1km distance, Interval Train, 1:00 Active rest 50-60% HR and 30sec burst 70-85% HR
4. Cross Trainer – 1km distance, Interval Train, 1:00 Active rest 50-60% HR and 30sec burst at 70-85% HR

Rest Day Activity x2 (Can be performed either morning or night at Home)

1) 25 Lateral Raise L&R
2) 25 Trunk Twist L&R
3) 15 Side Bends L&R
4) 25 Squats
5) 15 Lunges L&R
6) 25 Crunches
7) 25 Full Sits
8) 15 Full Press or ¼ Press

female snatch - abs development -


Firstly your time in the gym is NOT an excuse to pig out if you truly want to see visual gains aesthetically. Truth is diet consists of 3:5 of a serious lean mass training ratio. What we are looking at therefore, is that what we eat is fresh, clean and un-processed food. The idea is to eat clean for 6 days of the week and give yourself one day where you can be more relaxed and enjoy more naughty treats such as a chocolate bar or pizza. Eat little and often rather then 3 square meals per day and look for 5-6 smaller meals that are well balanced based on the principles listed below. The nutrition information provided in this article on specific foods are in line with Paleo Diet principals, taking foods that can either be hunted or found such as lean meats, fish, eggs, nuts, seeds and your fruit and veg. A little of what is naughty is good, but not a lot so steer clear from more refined foods, trans fats and sugars which cause dis-ease for the body. Try not to eat beyond 8pm for most effective energy production. Limit carbohydrates to before 5pm as a general rule unless you have late night gym sessions. Your main source of carbs will come from fruits and vegetables that have a low glycemic index for slow rising blood sugar levels and insulin. Your Diet Planning requirements are also listed below. Try to aim to eliminate toxins from the diet, but do so gradually if you are generally rich in toxic foods through the following ways such as pesticides. Think organic and thoroughly wash your fresh foods. Limit or ban alcohol and recreation drugs such as cigarettes. Say no to processed foods that are usually high in sodium so as to increase your ability to take in potassium from your fresh foods, which will provide great vascular health and lower blood pressure. Aim to eat more alkaline foods that will help reduce muscle loss, as acidic foods breaks down muscle in order to neutralize the bodies PH balance. By following these requirements you shall find a diet more suitable for achieving your abdominal goals for your body.

Daily Recommended Calories:
Men: 2,500Kcal
Women: 2000Kcal

1 Aim to Eat a Diet with a Portion Ratio of 10% Carbohydrates 20% Fruit and Veg, 35% Fats and 35% Protein.
2 A diet low in protein on a restricted-calorie diet will find you losing a lot of muscle in addition to any fat you may lose. With a higher protein intake it will help you preserve lean mass during your training.
3 Keep your carbohydrate intake low to moderate when trying to lose weight. Think 100-150grams daily. Choose fiber-rich carbs such as oats, sweet potatoes, fruit and Veg.
4 Drink at least a gallon of water per day as a health option to stay hydrated with no calories.
5 Try to avoid foods that are grains, legumes, pulses, dairy and refined sugars
6 Eliminate toxins in the form of alcohol, drugs, fluoride, pesticides
7 Increase your Alkaline foods and limit your acidic food intake

Key Foods to include in Your Diet:

Carbohydrate 10% Proteins 35% Fats 35% Fruits and Veg
20% (carbs provided here also) Fluid
Oats Lean meat grass fed Nuts Capsicum Water
Whole Grains Eggs omega 3 Coconut Oil Broccoli Herbal Teas
Lentils Seafood Olive Oil Red Berries Almond or Coconut milk
Squash Oily Fish Wild Avocado Citrus Fruits Fruit Smoothies

Foods to steer clear of:

• Legumes
• Dairy
• Cereal Grains
• Refined Sugar
• Potatoes
• Processed foods
• Salt
• Coffee
• Alcohol


Track your progress over a 30 day period taking photos each week on the same day and time every week. List your food intake and how you feel with a food diary every day to maintain your eating patterns. A fitness application such as My Fitness Pal will be useful to help track and measure your input vs output including providing calorie values for the food you eat. This workout program will need to progress in either weight, reps, sets or even introducing new exercises in month 2 and 3. Your abs should be more refined after this period and you will notice definite results. If you do take this on for 30 days please send us your progress shots to show how you are developing. Get those Abs in shape for summer, but most importantly take this goal as a lifestyle change for a better and healthier you.


Research Resources:,, The Paleo diet and recipe book.