Xtraining Burn


Xtraining Burn

Expect pushing, pulling, jumping, stepping, lifting, twisting, turning, squatting, lunging, kettle bells, sandbags, battle ropes, prowlers, suspension training……….etc etc. Atom has a specially designed functional training room primarily built for the purpose of running cross training classes, trainers utilize the space and extensive range of equipment to create high energy, effective and some might say “fun” full body workouts. There probably isn’t a class in existence that offers the same results as functional circuit training when done right, but its important to remember you only get out of a class what you put in. Luckily we only employ the best so our PT’s will make sure your time in the class isn’t wasted.


• Improves cardiovascular fitness
• Burns fat
• Activates nearly all of the bodies most important muscles
• Builds strength
• Improves core strength


• Competent technique for basic squatting and lifting.
• No pre existing back or knee problems

Class Information

 Studio 1
 Next: June 1, 2020
 12:15 pm - 12:45 pm
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